Leadership as a state of being

November 25, 2021By hannahrkmatherNews

“Values cross the boundaries of professional disciples, cultures, and religious traditions. They have this incredible capacity to unite otherwise diverse people around similar connecting points.” It’s been International Leadership Week this week and here I am reflecting on leadership as a state of being that resides in a person or amongst a group of people … Read More

Digging deep and building strong

October 22, 2021By hannahrkmatherNews

I’m delighted to have been awarded an Associate Certified Coach credential by the International Coaching Federation. This ACC credential (the first of three credentialing standards set by the ICF) represents 18 months of hard, stretching, but equally rewarding and fulfilling work training as a professional coach and then establishing my business, HM Coaching and Development. … Read More

Battersea Bridge moment: part two

November 5, 2020By hannahrkmatherNews

In part one of this article, I shared a question my friend Tara asked me recently. She wanted to know if I could personally pinpoint a day or moment that signalled transformational change in my life. If you would like to know my answer to her question, read part one. I call it my ‘Battersea bridge moment.’

Battersea Bridge moment: part one

November 2, 2020By hannahrkmatherNews

“Do you have a day when everything changed for you?”

My friend Tara asked me this question over a Zoom coffee catch-up recently. There was a day earlier this year when so much changed for Tara. She did not realize it then.

My professional journey

October 29, 2020By hannahrkmatherNews

Coaching, theology, and business development span the almost twenty years of my work history. The uniting factor in these professional spaces is a passion for people and the businesses and organisations they care about. I do not neatly fit in one box. This is a part of who I am that I am learning to … Read More