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Tailored development workshops and coaching for small teams

Something special happens when we create spaces to think collaboratively. Sometimes we need each other to bring about the change we need.

At HM Coaching and Development, I (Hannah) will take time to understand your needs and context, taking with you to identify the right focus and approach for our work together. 

Tailored development workshops

One or half-day workshops focused on topics around strategy, relationships, and systems-thinking, including:

What does this land need from us?

"We build best when we work in relationship with what is around us. When we notice the people, systems, and land around us and seek not just to work with them but also do good by them, we also do good by ourselves."

This workshop unpacks this theory and asks, would we really profit more ourselves by shifting to other-focused, systems thinking?

Themes: other-focussed, systems thinking, profitability, doing good.

Duration: A half or full-day workshop. In-person or remote.

Collaborative thinking for organisational and social change...

Coaching for small teams

One-off sessions or planned team coaching programmes with regular sessions over a number of months, designed to hone the teams's collaborative thinking and action around areas including:

  • Purpose and values
  • Strategy and change
  • Communications and relationships
  • Corporate well-being 
  • Encouraging wider systemic thinking

A typical programme?

Everything is adaptable but, to give an idea: scope and discovery to settle on the right focus for the work. Six x 2.5 hour sessions with the team (remote or in-person), plus one-to-one coaching with the team leader and de-briefs in-between sessions. Review and evaluation as the programme closes.

Use of diagnostics and and interviews with key stakeholders can also be incorporated. 

Get in touch?

For a no-obligations chat about collaborate change in your organisation.
Together we'll work out a plan.

Coaching, facilitation, or consultancy?

We can take a mixture of coaching, facilitation, or consultancy approaches depending on preferences and needs, which we can also pre-agree. I will draw on (and can share) a range of models, tools, and approaches to help the team/group in its collaborative thinking. 


I am an accredited team coach at practitioner level (ITCA) with EMCC Global and a certified practitioner in team coaching from the Global Team Coaching Institute. A humanities trained thinker with a PhD in theology, I think relationally and systemically. For more, see Hannah.

HM Coaching and Development

Creating spaces to think for team and groups to begin to bring about change... 


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"An expert consultant with a heart for community work is like gold-dust. Hannah prepared for our day so thoroughly and sensitively, managing to get us through a full programme with quiet personal authority and deep insight... We consider this money very well spent."

The Black Isle Charge (Scottish Episcopal Church)

"If you are looking for someone to help you gain perspective so you can move forward, then I would highly recommend coaching with Hannah. Her approach is calm and reassuring and you'll leave her sessions with more awareness and the motivation to succeed."

Sandra, small business owner

"I thoroughly enjoyed being a participant at Hannah’s What Does This Land Need From Us? workshop. As someone who is not a natural reflector I was delighted to have Hannah running this session as she is a skilled facilitator, giving everyone time and space to consider such a thought-provoking question. Hannah's active listening skills, and fun, creative coaching methods allowed me to challenge my own thinking. My takeaways are to be mindful of each space I inhabit, to be curious about what it needs from me, and to leave with a sense of giving rather than taking. So helpful to be reminded of this as a human being. Thank you Hannah!"

Rachael, ICF UK Scottish Coaching Group


Work with HM Coaching and Development

The first step is to have a conversation and together we will work out a plan.

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