“Values cross the boundaries of professional disciples, cultures, and religious traditions. They have this incredible capacity to unite otherwise diverse people around similar connecting points.”

It’s been International Leadership Week this week and here I am reflecting on leadership as a state of being that resides in a person or amongst a group of people or an organisation that influences how they carry themselves and act in society.

This is part of my work with the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion at the University of Birmingham. I collaborate with the Centre on work around value-based leadership so this is a theme in the thoughts I offer here. Other Cadbury Fellows have also been giving reflections on what leadership means to them this week and it has been fascinating to hear the different perspectives. 

The Cadbury Centre works with businesses, governments and NGOs across the UK and internationally to help them understand and navigate faith and develop agendas for social transformation. See the Centre’s Facebook page, other socials (Twitter, LinkedIn), and website for more.