I’m delighted to have been awarded an Associate Certified Coach credential by the International Coaching Federation. This ACC credential (the first of three credentialing standards set by the ICF) represents 18 months of hard, stretching, but equally rewarding and fulfilling work training as a professional coach and then establishing my business, HM Coaching and Development. I’ve met some brilliant coaches and new friends along the way and worked with some amazing clients committed to digging deep and making lasting, transformative changes to their work and personal lives.

I think about foundations a lot – they fascinate me (they really do!) in how crucial they are to the structure and strength of the building. In many ways, these 18 months have been me building foundations for my chosen work as a business and personal coach. We can sometimes want to skip the foundation-building part because it’s hard (and more hidden) work. Maybe we think we have enough behind us from experience in different careers and industries—and lots of us, myself included, do have really rich, valuable, and translatable experience—but new professions also require the cultivation of new skills. If we skip the foundations, we might build a nice looking building but it might just fall down when the wind gets up.

Here’s to digging deep and building strong…

Photo by Redd on Unsplash