Darkness to light. Constriction to freedom. Moving from narrow places to wide open spaces.

I run down this path sometimes and especially when I want to remind myself of some of these themes. The path itself is lovely but dark because it’s all covered by trees. It’s not that scary, just a bit dark and narrow. It leads down a bank from the village main street and opens out into the little local harbour. I love the lamp at the end too. It reminds me of the lamp in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe that signposts the end of the liminal land of Wardrobe and the beginning of the magical world of Narnia.

This path is one of my favourite places because of what it makes me think about when I run through it.

As I run I move from darkness, constriction, and narrow places.

Into light, freedom, and wide open spaces.

Adventure, challenge, courage, and Aslan await.

Ahead of me in the land past the lamppost.

Just imagine.