Four thousand weeks – the average time a human being has on this planet. Life is finite. It involves choice and sacrifice. We simply cannot have it all. As the back of this thought-provoking books asks, “what if you stopped trying to do everything?” Might we actually and ironically find ourselves being more productive and fulfilled because we’ve switched our focus to the things that matter to us most?

Written with a philosophical and engaging approach, Four Thousand Weeks challenges by reminding us of basic meta-narrative truths that we often neglect to think about in the weekly detail of our lives. It has nourished my thinking and approach to work and life and I highly recommend this rebellious/anti-establishment approach to time management.

Book artfully placed among the buttercups to kind of prove a point. And with thanks to the kind person who read this book and thought of me ­čÖé

Four thousand weeks. I have about two thousand left (but who knows really). Now what to do, and perhaps more to the point, what not to do…

Embrace the rebel. Do what matters most.